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Important information

Helicopter problems

Windows troubleshooting

Playing UA on Linux

Multiplayer basics - how to set up multiplayer

UA_Source - a game engine reconstruction project



Resistance YOU!

Ghorkovs “A monolithic opposition force predating the Toxic age…”

Taerkastens “A fanatical human brotherhood; technology has passed them by in their monastic isolation…”

Mykonians “A merciless alien race bent on torture and termination of humanity…”

Sulgogars “A vegetative species of bionic alien, their powers reside in biotechnology, genetic manipulation and cloning…”

Black Sect “A mysterious horde of scavengers, pirates and mercenaries…”



- general interface setup

- mission briefings, unit names, game texts

Unit scripting

- special kind of weapons

- special kind of vehicles, usually defined in BRUCH.scr


Graphics - 2D interface

- most interface graphics

- definitions for icons and interface graphics

- in-depth example

Graphics and models - 3D world

- packages containing models and graphics

- list of HUD models

- unit and environment textures

Interesting/special mods

Modifying the Wiki - Please Read

PLAYGROUND Please use the playground to test your wiki edit entries. This area is espeically useful when trying different formatting options or using the FCKGwedit plugin

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