Black Sect

The Black Sect is a splinter faction composed of criminals, terrorists, and thieves who have decided to enter the war for personal profit and gain. Having no original units of their own, the Black Sect relies on stealing technology from other factions, including the Resistance Anvil-class host station and the Taerkast Bronstejin flying ion cannon. Black Sect units have a special stealth projection, rendering them invisible to enemy radar.

The Black Sect's ability to create vehicles from any other faction makes them the most challenging enemy to defeat as the player is unable to stick to one fixed strategy to defeat them, and thus the urgent need to destroy the Black Sect before the situation gets out of control.

The Black Sect stolen an Anvil Class Host Station designed for Resistance by SDU1 due to her defection. Probably all units database of Resistance was on this Host Station, and it was tranfered to BS database. This tells how they have Resistance Units.

The Black Sect got the Taerkastens units by creating a technology alliance with them. But when the Black Sect turned “their” Bronsteijns against their real creators, the Taerkasts killed the alliance. That would also explain why they think they have no possible allies.

Strangely, the Black Sect have the ability to terraform Sulgogar and Mykonian units, which hints that there might be renegade Sulgogar and Mykonian scientists amongst the group.

They are usually one of the player's top priorities, the other being the Sulgogars. One cannot play as the Black Sect in Multiplayer.

Black Sect Units


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