Features of UA2

The main feature of UA2 project is to save atmosphere and gameplay of original Urban Assault. There are also supposed some differences such as:

  • completely new engine supporting DX 9/10 or OpenGL 2/3 and shaders
  • new graphics for units and effects


Exists some trials to create a new game based on the original UA. It's a bit hard as a result of low number of fans that could make it work. But with some effort exist now three proposals to create UA2.

Dark GDK Engine

In this topic the user destronom started the project creating a SourceForge project with Dark GDK Engine. This project is making your first steps and exists with the hope that modders, developers, etc, help to finish it.

Source Engine

Antoher idea that emerged was to create using Source Engine. Nothing in this project has started but the idea of using this engine is very good. With the Dota2 in Beta on Valve's studio, expect that this game, when the engine become available, be the best way of recreate UA, because of the similarity of the genre of the games. Both are RTS Action, in other words, either work almost with the same way.


And exists a lot of ideas how the game could be with the technology of today. The discussion started again on Darth_Cthulhu post and new ideas are emerging. it's not known if these ideas are to Darth_Cthulhu use in his game, or if it is just a discussion. But it's worth read to see what the game could bring in a near future.


UA_Source is a reverse engineering/reconstruction project started by user Zidane. The goal is to reconstruct the source code of original UA and reimplement certain parts such as rendering engine, music and video players and multiplayer engine. See another article for more information.

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