With help of the Host Battle Station, the final battle is launched in hopes of returning Earth back to its former grandeur.

The Host Battle Station (Mothership) is your center of operations when venturing out from your underground colony. From here, you build and command robot drones. To compensate for its lack of mobility, the host station is equipped with a station teleportation device; and the teleporter's range depends on available teleport energy.

The Host Station is also armed with a primary flak cannon and three machine gun turrets. Despite its size, the Host Station isn't designed for front line assault; heavy enemy combat units will tear it apart.

From the Host Station, you are capable of creating drones using special equipment that converts energy into mass. These robot drones come in many forms including tanks, helicopters, and jets.

There are no humans actually sitting in the vehicles, but rather the vehicles are electronically controlled by the player.

The available selection of units depends on available technology and energy. At any time during a battle you can take control of a drone and battle from its perspective, while still managing the overall battle strategy, resources, tactics, etc.

In addition to robot drones, the Host Station can create buildings from its energy reserves. These buildings may be Flak Stations (gun platforms), Radar Stations, or Power Stations. As with any robot drone, you can take control of a Flak Station's gun turrets.

The main goal is to conquer enemy sectors. If you conquer a sector containing a power station, for example, your host station can tap into its energy. Power stations are found in many regions and can by built using your host station if you have found the technology upgrade. Technology upgrade centers are caches of technological information. If you conquer a sector containing a technology upgrade, your host station will gain the information for building new types of vehicles or buildings.

Additionally, you can also gain control of Beam Gates. With the few surviving areas on the surface enclosed by energy domes, Beam Gates provide a means of traveling between these domes. To activate a Beam Gate, the player must capture key sectors used to power and control the Beam Gate.

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