Leftylink's Urban Assault LDF Reader takes in an LDF file as input and automatically generates an XLS file representing a map of this level. It contains the following useful information:

  • Sector Ownership
  • Host Stations
  • Predeployed units (squad type, no numbers)
  • Buildings
  • Upgrades
  • Beam Gates
  • Stoudson Bombs
  • Elevation
  • Units each faction can build


These archives contain the full set of maps for each faction's campaign.

These files were last updated: 16th April 2010





You'll need both ualr.jar and the images if you want to generate some maps.

UALR works on the command-line only, because I dislike GUI programming.

java -jar ualr.jar [options] <input1> [<input2> [<input3> …]]

Command-line options:

  • -i <image-dir>: Tells where the images are (it defaults to trying img/ in the current directory).
  • -o <output-dir>: The output directory tells UALR where to put the resulting XLS files. If you specify nothing, all output files appear in the same directory as the input file they were generated from. If you have only one file in your input, a filename is acceptable as well, in which case the output will be written to that filename.
  • -n: makes UALR append the name of the level to the name of the output file.
  • -t: makes UALR output in text format instead of XLS. This isn't terribly interesting.

You can specify as many input files or directories on the command-line as needed. If you specify a directory, all files in it will be read (this is non-recursive, so it won't descend into directories further down the tree).

Source code


The source archive is for those who want to look at how I made this thing and/or help me by improving it. I have included all source files for the code, all supporting libraries used (currently, just jExcelApi), and even threw in an Ant file for good measure! You don't need this to run UALR.

You can generate all the maps from the source package as follows. Download the src directory, extract the files, place the single directory (C:/whatever/Urban Assault/levelsxp/single) and img directory into the ualr directory, cd into the ualr directory on the command line, and run: ant maps

This will automatically run ualr on all the maps in the directory named “single” and sort them into Resistance, Ghorkov, and Taerkasten maps in the maps directory.

Obviously, you'll need ant to do that. If this is an issue, the previous method of generating the maps is unchanged.

The UALR was last updated 17th April 2010:

  • Multiplayer buildings use singleplayer buildings as a fallback.
  • LDF parsing now uses regex to be more flexible against unexpected crap.
  • Directories are now recursively processed. Subdirectory tree is preserved when processing.
  • Added the -n option to append the name of the level to the output filename.
  • The -o option is now actually optional. Previously, an oversight caused it to be required.
  • The -o option allows writing to a single file if there's only a single file of input.
  • The -o option now attempts to create an output directory if there is more than one input.

16th April 2010:

  • Added a few more buildings to Info.
  • Each map now individually numbers its Stoudson Bombs and Beam Gates.
  • Ant script now has the ability to generate and package maps.

Known Issues

Chokes on L6565.ldf; this is because the file is malformed. Go to line 537 of L6565.ldf, and add an end after each of the two add_energy lines.

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