In total there are 72 maps, one of them only appearing in the Urban Assault Trial version, and 17 of them exclusive to the Metropolis Dawn expansion (18 if the Run to the Hills - MD version counts as a separate map). The 3 vehicles from the MD expansion were included in some maps of the original Urban Assault, hence said levels do have the “XPack” word with them, although not all XPack maps do have all 3 vehicles available (be it in the creation menu, or technology upgrades). The following maps are listed here:

* A ¤ symbol indicates said level has Stoudson Bombs, and how many of them are present.

* Monospaced level names have the phone icon enabled, which means said level has an unit limit below 80 and the unit limit type is 0 (you can't create more units once you hit your unit limit) as opposed to 1 (which lets you to create more units past the limit, but your power stations get weaker and need more conquered sectors).

* Italic level names mean they have appeared in Urban Assault: Trial version (be it with Urban Assault and its expansion, or an exclusive level of the Trial version).

* Metropolis Dawn-only levels are highlighted with a blue tine.

Phone Level Trial Version Metropolis Dawn only

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