Appears in Urban Assault
Urban Assault: Metropolis Dawn
Factions available
Starting energy 3000 (everyone)
Starting host station height 330 (), 500 ()
Sectors available 900 (30×30)
Map size 32 x 32
Set textures 4 (Ice)
Tech upgrades Yes (7)
Unit limit 80
Unit limit type 1 (once you exceed your unit limit, the more
units you have, the more sectors you'll need to
conquer to avoid your power stations become
weaker and less efficient)
Phone icon No
Sky texture smod1.base

Netropolis is a map in Urban Assault, and Urban Assault: Metropolis Dawn. It is the ninth multplayer map in terms of 'level ID' (being the 88th level, L8888). It is one of the largest maps in UA, which a few maps share distinction, among them Triplication, Funeral March, and most notably The Artificial. Both The Net on Hill and The Race are also quite large, but they are slightly shorter than Netropolis, size-wise.

Layout & Features

The large hill in the middle of the map heavily resembles the Resistance's Host Station. The corners (except the Taerkasten southern corner) have much lower elevation instead. On the large hill, the Resistance starts close to 1 flak station and their power station 3 (6 boxes). The remaining factions start in different far away corners, with more flak stations protecting their power stations 1 (2 boxes), with the Taerkasten being the closest opponent to the Resistance (and they also start in increased elevated land, although not as much as the Resistance). All factions start with the same starting units than Easy Net, except this time they have their scouts available from the beginning for immediate exploration. The tech upgrades are scattered everywhere, with the Resistance having 3 upgrades close to them (among them the upgrade which is closest to the Taerkasten). In the left and right corners, building upgrades are present.

In 1-vs-1 battles against the Resistance, the matchup on this map will be one-sided, as they have more sectors, a stronger power station, and because they start in the middle, they can quickly capture all other upgrades while his/her opponent will have a tough time doing all of these (considering they start in one corner). But in games where Resistance is abscent, capturing the middle power station might not be a bad idea (as long as it's a 1-vs-1 match without Resistance, otherwise, with 3 players which don't use the Resistance, it's harder to keep it standing, unless the player is quick and capture many upgrades, but if the player decides to instead claim one of the two power stations 3 with 6 boxes in the southwest and southeast corners, it would make him/her safer, although capturing the other upgrades will be harder).

More to Come…

Vehicle and Building creation list

The Resistance Ghorkovs Mykonians Taerkastens

Tech Upgrades

  1. (X= 7, Y= 9)
  2. (X= 25, Y= 11)
  3. (X= 16, Y= 25)
  4. (X= 20, Y= 17)
  5. (X= 10, Y= 15)
  6. (X= 28, Y= 21)
  7. (X= 3, Y= 19)
Netropolis Full Map Netropolis height values Netropolis debriefing map
Full map (click to see full GIF map) Its hexadecimal height values
(click to see full map)
Debriefing background map
Resistance only flak station group close to
their power station 3 (6 boxes)
One of two Ghorkov power stations 1 (2 boxes)
in their northwestern corner
One of three groups of Ghorkovian
flak stations
One of two Taerkasten power stations 1 (2 boxes)
in the middle far southern corner
One of the 4 groups of their
Taerkasten flak station
A trio of Mykonian power
stations 1 (2 boxes)
One of two only neutral power stations 3
(6 boxes) in the southern far away corners
One of two building tech upgrades (this one
is located in the far west corner)
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