Appears in Urban Assault
Urban Assault: Metropolis Dawn
Factions available
Starting energy 2000 (everyone)
Starting host station height 330 (), 430 ()
Sectors available 81 (9×9)
Map size 11 x 11
Set textures 1 (City)
Tech upgrades Yes (1)
Unit limit 80
Unit limit type 1 (once you exceed your unit limit, the more
units you have, the more sectors you'll need to
conquer to avoid your power stations become
weaker and less efficient)
Phone icon No
Sky texture nt3.base

Robot is a map in Urban Assault, and Urban Assault: Metropolis Dawn. It is the fourth multplayer map in terms of 'level ID' (being the 83th level, L8383).

Layout & Features

Each faction starts in one of the 4 plateaus with one hillside each one for ground units to traverse. In the middle of the map, there's the single tech upgrade, which contains heavy tank upgrades for all factions except the Mykonians, which said upgrade will give the Myko Static instead.

More to Come…

Vehicle and Building creation list

The Resistance Ghorkovs Mykonians Taerkastens

Tech Upgrades

  1. (X= 5, Y= 5)
Robot Full Map Robot height values Robot debriefing map
Full map (click to see full GIF map) Its hexadecimal height values
(click to see full map)
Debriefing background map
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