“Darkness. . . The void calling my name. . . . And the evil, always pursued by the evil. . . These were my dreams . . . Back when I could dream. The machines, were desirous of me - valuing my fear as much as my mind. And because these were the good machines, our machines, the savior machines, I could not refuse their seduction. There were so few humans left in the years following The Big Mistake. Humans were too precious to send into battle when the OffWorlders came. And so we created the war machines, the savior machines. But to save us they needed a single human integrated into their empathic net. For it was the human's wetware that provided the passions of love for the planet, and enough fear to temper decisions. Oh, but humans were not meant to experience such power. When the click of a finger can create new machines, and when just one more click can send them into war, and when the empath net links you into all, as if you were living simultaneous lives, and suffering simultaneous deaths, the mind begins to retreat. So the machines, the good machines, the savior machines, have searched once again, and have come to you for the plan.”

- from the Journal of User 7, 2234 A.D.

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