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Enemy Alert: A powerful threat approaches our borders. Ghorkovs, A monolithic opposition force predating the Toxic Age…

A tough and militaristic faction from Eurasia. The nation of Kyternesia, also known as Ghorkovs by the Resistance, are most known for being the only human society that can live on the surface, having learned how to grow crops in the wastes. The vehicles of the Liberation Forces of Kyternesia (LFK) have the same technology level as the Resistance, however, the weapons are more advanced, using radiation, energy impulse technology and anti-gravity.

Kyternesia represents Communism and Totalitarianism, shown by their Host Station icon, the Red Star. They were previously allied with The Resistance in the war against the Mykonians, unfortunately, due to the betrayal of The Resistance, have become bitter enemies with them. Publically, the Resistance denies the betrayal, but it was indeed true.

In MD's Ghorkov campaign, their defeats at the hands of the Resistance has lead to much of Kyternesia's inner territories to be occupied by the other factions. In their desperation, the Kyternesians find a new and promising general, to liberate their occupied territories and expel their enemies' forces from their homeland.

Kyternesian/Ghorkovian Units and Buildings

Ghorkov Tactics

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  • The name conflict in the base game happened because during development, TerraTools wanted to name the faction “Kyternesians”, however, Microsoft wanted them to give them a more Russian-sounding name, so they went for Ghorkovs. Metropolis Dawn canonizes both names. The name “Ghorkov” is an exonymic used by the Resistance to refer to them, while “Kyternesia” is the endonymic, the name its people use to refer to themselves and their nation.
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