Radar Range
1 sector
Weapon Power
Shot Time
Attack Multiplier
Tanks x1.5 Helicopters x1.0 Planes x0.5 Host Stations x1.0
Unit ID
Weapon ID

Usually deployed in large numbers, this light helicopter with rockets can be powerful against ground units. Its small size and ample speed make it a difficult target, but it is vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire. The Ghargoil is seen from the very beginning of the campaign. Is the weakest unit of Ghorkovs, and the Ghargoil 2 is generally used in his place.


The Ghargoil is the starter unit of the Kyternesian/Ghorkov campaign. Comparing its default stats with its Resistance counterpart, the Wasp, it has more energy (95 vs 90), its missiles do more damage (270 vs 200), and it has more armor (55% vs 40%). However, it's also slower and less maneuverable. It costs 190 energy to build without upgrades.

The normal Ghargoil's strengths are most visible while under the player's direct control, or under large swarms of them.

Upgrades (Metropolis Dawn)

Doublecrossed: +15 Damage, +10 Energy, found near the northeastern corner of the map, east of one of the Stoudson Triggers.

The Contact: +15 Damage, +10 Energy, found east of the Kyternesian base, in one of the mesas in the Mykonian territory. It's guarded by a Mykonian Flak Station 1.


A Ghargoil mid-flight


■ The name of the Ghargoil is a pun on the word “Gargoyle”.

■ Although it says it's a difficult target, it's technically an easy target to defeat because its bigger than the Firefly and the Wasp (who are harder to hit), and it's also sligthly slower than both mentioned vehicles.

■ Out from all the vehicles the Ghorkovs use against the enemy power stations, the Ghargoil squads display the highest amount of them as they are cheap (only 190 energy), but they are also the least effective and the easiest to take down by defenses.

■ Like most weak helicopters, they can be shot down by 1 single shot from a strong weapon (such as Leonid's Shell Cannon, Falcon's missiles, Slime Lord's weapon).

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