This dual-prop bomber 'copter is fast and possesses flight characteristics almost like those of a plane. It drops a payload of medium-yield bombs, capable of 100 points of damage, that detonate on impact. Be especially aware of your vulnerability when Ghargoil 3s hover directly above your host station or ground units. This is a powerful machine to conquest territory and to destroy energy stations.


■ Although the Help files say they payload medium-yield bombs, the bombs individually are somewhat weak by their own, but when the 7 bombs are fired, they can inflict 700 points of damage.

■ Also, despite their bombs have a good radius against host stations, their job description describes them they aren't good against Host Stations.

■ The Ghargoil 3 is one of the 2 only Urban Assault vehicles with a salvo of 7 shots (the other one being the Myko Crusher. Also, it's one of the only 7 vehicles that uses a salvo system, with the others being the Yang, the Jaguar, the Ostwind, the 5P0 Air Prism, the Hourglass, and the Myko Crusher. Ironically, the Ghorkovs are the only faction with bombers that uses salvo systems.

■ While the Ghargoil 3 looks like a helicopter, it's classified like a plane bomber and therefore they are more vulnerable to fighters such as Falcons. Also, they are the most effective Ghorkovian vehicle against tanks.

■ The AI very often sends Ghargoil 3 to destroy power stations and sometimes to certain squads if their aggresiveness is on level 3 or they are after big squads of units.

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