Radar Range
1 sector
Weapon Power
Shot Time
Attack Multiplier
Tanks x0.7 Helicopters x1.0 Planes x1.0 Host Stations x0.7
Unit ID
Weapon ID

This “land-speeder” unit has a lethal combination of speed and advanced pulse laser weaponry, making it a tough opponent. Foxes (and Jaguars, once you can get them) are good weapons to use against them. When taking on a Speedy with just Foxes or Weasels, the Speedies must be outnumbered, or lured into heavily built-up areas such as cities to remove their maneuvering advantage. The Speedy has also earned the well-deserved nickname of Helldog. The Speedy is seen from the beginning of the campaign.

In the Ghorkov campaign, they're the perfect counter against the mostly airborne Mykonian forces, being capable of tearing the infamous Quadda to shreds in large numbers. If correctly piloted, a single Speedy can easily dismantle any Resistian tank.

How to get (Metropolis Dawn)

The Speedy can be obtained in the mission Doublecrossed. The tech upgrade lies at the west part of the map, north of the Turantul's starting location. The Speedy costs 300 energy to build.

Upgrades (Metropolis Dawn)

Spiessrutenlauf: +15 damage, +15 energy. Found west of the abandoned Kyternesian/Ghorkov Power Stations, in Taerkasten territory.


■ When comparing the Speedy with the Weasel in speed and armor setting, the Weasel may be slightly faster than the Speedy and has more armor, but when compared on power and effectiveness, the Speedy is actually better than the Weasel overall because of stronger weaponry and of better firing rate, which allows the Speedy to capture sectors faster than the Weasel.

■ On the sound scripts, there are some Gonzalez mentions on the Speedy's weapon, probably indicating they made the Speedy vehicle referencing at Speedy Gonzales, a Looney Tunes character.

■ The Speedy has the weakest armor of all Kyternesian/Ghorkovian vehicles, while overall it has the 4th lowest armor of any unit.

■ Despite the Speedy is considered an anti-Host Station tank on the Help files, it's actually an anti-air tank as it deals better against air units instead of ground units.

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