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 ===== Kyternesian/​Ghorkov Units ===== ===== Kyternesian/​Ghorkov Units =====
-{{:​ghorkovs:​smmomth.gif|}}[[Turantul|Turantul I]]+{{:​ghorkovs:​smmomth.gif|}} [[Turantul|Turantul I]]
-{{:​ghorkovs:​bigmomth.gif|}}[[Skorpio|Turantul II (Skorpio)]]+{{:​ghorkovs:​bigmomth.gif|}} [[Skorpio|Turantul II (Skorpio)]]
 ==== Vehicles ==== ==== Vehicles ====
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 ==== Kyternesian/​Ghorkov Buildings ==== ==== Kyternesian/​Ghorkov Buildings ====
-{{:​ghorkovs:​powthg.gif|}}[[Power Station]]+{{:​ghorkovs:​powthg.gif|}} [[Power Station]]
-{{:​ghorkovs:​flakthg.gif|}}[[Flak Station]]+{{:​ghorkovs:​flakthg.gif|}} [[Flak Station]]
-{{:​ghorkovs:​radarthg.gif|}}[[Radar Station]]+{{:​ghorkovs:​radarthg.gif|}} [[Radar Station]]
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