Radar Range
1 sector
Weapon Power
Shot Time
200/200 (10000 for salvo recharge)
Attack Multiplier
Tanks x1.5 Helicopters x1.0 Planes x1.0 Host Stations x1.0
Unit ID
Weapon ID

This bomber is propeller-driven and slow, but it carries light-yield bombs with an area effect that is devastating against light ground units. Although its bombs are lower yield than those of the Ghargoil 3, its faster fire rate and slow-descent anti-gravity bombs can create a wall of fire to block ground and air units. Commanders of enemy hosts stations must take advantage of the Yang's slow speed and pick it off before it can deliver its payload. The Yang is first seen toward the middle of the campaign. It is a former agrarian plane converted for military use.

  • PLEASE do not press TAB while you're riding this

How to get it (Metropolis Dawn)

It can be obtained in the mission Parasite Under Construction. The Tech Upgrade is in the northeastern corner of the map, in unoccupied territory.


■ The names of the Ying and the Yang vehicles have their origins in old Chinese philosophy.

■ There's a glitch when the Yang makes its payload, some bombs hit, but others remain on the air without hitting anything even when the enemy passes through them (and only hit on a determined moment).

■ The Yang is the only vehicle with a salvo of 30 bombs. Also, along with the Ghargoil 3, are two of the only 7 vehicles that use a salvo system (the others being the Jaguar, the Ostwind, the 5P0 Air Prism, the Hourglass, and the Myko Crusher).

■ Despite the Yang in-game job against tanks is depicted as low, they are actually effective against tanks too. Also, they are the only bombers on having a decent advantage against helicopters and planes because of their anti-gravity bombs.

■ Ironically while the Yang's weapon is numerically the first from the Ghorkov weapons, the Yang vehicle is actually the last Ghorkov vehicle numerically (having its vehicle ID as 130).

■ The Yang's bomb has the dinstinction of having 5 records. The first one is that the Yang's bomb has the slowest falling speed from all the bombs on UA. The second one is that the bomb is the weakest bomb with only 70 damage individually. The third one is that the bomb lasts the longest from all UA weapons. The fourth one is that it has the biggest amount of salvo shots (with 30). And finally, it has the lowest speed from all UA weapons.

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