Game Interface


Heads-Up Display

The heads-up display (HUD) is accessible from any vehicle and presents critical targeting, vehicle, and navigational information. Included on the HUD are the targeting sights, the vehicle information display, and a compass.

  • To toggle the HUD on or off during gameplay, press H.

Targeting Sights

Targeting Sights Turn red when the enemy is close enough to shoot.

  • To adjust the targeting sights' screen position with the joystick while in a ground unit, move the joystick's hat switch.
  • To adjust the targeting sights' screen position with the mouse, right-click the mouse to access mouse control mode, and then drag the mouse in any direction.

Vehicle Information Display

Vehicle Information Display Displays your current vehicle type and its condition, as well as your current weapon and its reload status.

DMG = Damage—Displays your weapon type and its firepower. The higher the number, the greater the firepower.

RLD = Reload Meter—Indicates when your weapon is fully reloaded and ready to fire again. OK means you can refire.

EGY = Energy—Displays your vehicle's life energy. The lower the energy, the more susceptible your vehicle is to destruction. When the bar is all green and the number reads 100, your energy is optimal. When the bar is all red and the number reads 0, you're dead.

AMR = Armor—Each vehicle has its own armor. The better the vehicle's armor, the higher the bar and the greater the percentage number. A vehicle's armor remains constant throughout the game unless you enhance it by obtaining a technology upgrade.

For statistics on each vehicle's class, weapon type, firepower, fire rate, hit points, armor, and speed, see Vehicles in each faction on navigation.


Compass Displays several key data points.

Directions—Largest arrow always points north.

Vehicle Direction—Top of the compass indicates the direction your vehicle is facing.

Destination Point—Yellow arrow points toward your current destination.

Target—Red arrow points toward your sighted target.

Host Station—Dark blue arrow points toward your Host Station.

Sector Ownership—Color of the square in the middle indicates whether you or an enemy owns the current sector.


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