Language system

Localization of all texts of UA can be implemented by using different language files. This includes mission briefings, unit names and interface texts.

Important note: Some texts, such as vehicle names and level titles, are defined in the corresponding data files such as vehicle scripts and level files. The language system overrides these if a corresponding entry exists in the language file.

Officially, UA was released in English, German, French and Japanese. Fan-made translations may exist.

For more information about the speech files, see voice overs.

The standard Urban Assault mission briefings can be found at

File locations

The language files are located in the active locale folder which is \locale\ for the original UA campaign, and \localexp\ for the original Metropolis Dawn campaigns.

In the original game, the language system is implemented as a DLL which contains the texts inside its resource sections. This makes editing it a bit tricky. The file should be named language.dll

In UA_Source, plain text files are used instead.


A resource editor is needed to edit the DLL files of original UA.

Resource Hacker is the most commonly used tool.

Others include XN Resource Editor, which seems to have been discontinued but is available from unofficial sources, and PE Explorer which is commercial software.

The language files of UA_Source are plain text files and can be edited with a text editor. Notepad++ is a common choice.


Open language.dll in a resource editor. Open the String Table group. Its sub-sections contain all texts of the game.

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Section numbers

The String Table group is divided into sections according to the official format specification made by Microsoft. Each piece of text has an identification number which also determines the section where it belongs.

Below is a rough list of the most useful sections and their contents.

FIXME add all useful numbers!

  • 44 - 45 Situation analyzer messages
  • 76 - 92 Vehicle names
  • 94 - 100 Building names (single-player, unclear)
  • 107 - 113 Building names (multiplayer, unclear)
  • 113 - 123 Level names (might extend further, unclear)
  • 132 - 136 Mission briefings (might extend further)
  • 151 - 152 Faction names
  • 156 - 158 “Tip of the day” messages in the level selection screen

UA Source

The language files of UA Source are plain text files which can be edited using a text editor. The files are not divided into sections; instead each piece of text is simply stored on its own line. The numbers are the same as in the original game.

Having multiple languages simultaneously

If multiple language files are placed into the locale folder, a new button appears in the lower right corner of the main menu of the game. This button is named <OBSOLETE> by default. It leads to a language selection menu where it's possible to change the active language file.

The language selection menu also affects the active voiceover set. The game will search for a folder in data/sounds/speech/ with the name of the active language file. If such a folder is not found, there will be no voiceovers. If there is a folder with an appropriate name, the game will load the voiceovers from that folder and the language selection menu can be used to change the active voiceover set.


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