Modding saved games

The save files store the state of the campaign, the last saved game and the state of the finished levels. They can be edited like levels and units.

Editing saved games is a good way to try simple and temporary mods without changing the original data files. Additionally, some interesting hacks are only possible via save game editing.

File locations and purposes

Saved games are stored in the active save folder. In the original UA campaign this folder is \SAVE\.

The purpose of the settings.tmp file in the save folder is unknown. FIXME It's not necessary and it can be deleted as well.

Each save entry is a sub-folder in this folder. The following files can be found in these sub-folders. All these files are plain text files so they can be edited with a text editor. Notepad++ is a common choice.


This file contains the current state of the campaign and the script engine.

It can edited to do simple mods such as enabling extra vehicles and opening levels.

callsign.def and tod.def

These files are not very interesting.

callsign.def contains the name of the save entry. It should not be edited.

tod.def contains the number of the current “tip of the day” message which is shown in the level selection screen.

.fin files

These files store the states of the finished levels.


This file stores the state of the last saved game.

FIXME It's not known if there can be more .sgm files. Probably not.

.rst files

These files store the state of the levels in the beginning. They are created FIXME when starting a mission and loaded when the “restart mission” button is used.


The purpose of this file is unknown. FIXME

File formats and contents

The format of the save files are similar to unit scripts and levels.

FIXME This section must be completed!

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