VBMP Files

VBMP files are special bitmap files that are used to store textures. They are usually stored in packages and editing them requires special procedures.

VBMP file format

VBMP files are bitmap files with a custom header and a predefined set of 256 colors. Note that they often have ilb or ilbm extension but should not be confused with ILBM files!

FORM<0001001a>VBMPHEAD<00000006><010001000000>BODY<00010000><65536 bytes of bitmap data>

The color palette is loaded from a separate palette file. The bitmap data section follows standard Windows bitmap format. The size of the bitmap is 256×256 pixels in all UA files.

VBMP file locations

Most VBMP files are stored inside BAS packages.

/<datadir>/SETx/objects/set.bas is a package which contains most textures

/<datadir>/objects/*.bas files contain the sky textures

/<datadir>/SETx/remap/TRACYRMP.ilb is a VBMP file which contains some shaders. The SHADERMP.ilb file in the same directory is an ILBM file with the same contents. Editing these files is not recommended unless you really know what you are doing.

Extracting and editing VBMP Files

Automatic tools

None of the known image editors can open VBMP files natively but there are tools for extraction and conversion available.

VBMP Extractor by GoldStar611 unpacks VBMP files from BAS packages. Drag and drop a BAS file into the tool.

VBMP-BMP converter by GoldStar611 converts VBMP files into standard Windows bitmaps. Drag and drop a VBMP file into the tool.

Texture editor pack by GoldStar611 contains these two programs and a BAS writer which is used to replace existing VBMP files in the BAS files. Usage information

Manual unpacking

The most reliable but hardest way to extract a VBMP file is to open the BAS package file in a hex editor and search for VBMP

  1. Open C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Urban Assault\DATA\MC2RES\Disk320.ilb into XNView. This file will be used as a template as it has the correct color map.

  1. Save the ilb file as a BMP file.

  1. Open this new bitmap image IN MICROSOFT PAINT
  2. Resize the image to 256*256
  3. Save the image (Ensure type is 256 color bitmap)

  1. Open the BAS file in a HEX editor
  2. Search for VBMP

  1. Find the BODY section
  2. Copy 65536 bytes after the BODY section length

  1. Open the new bitmap image into the HEX editor
  2. Go to offset 1078

  1. Paste the VBMP “code” from the SET.BAS file

  1. Save the image
  2. Open it!!

Complications in editing VBMP files

Occasionally, your choice of picture editing program may change the color palette or color map (AMIGA definition) and this will result in loss of definition in the image, or commonly misconceived as being color inverted.

To correct this, you will need to re-extract the VBMP from the SET.BAS file and correctly copy/paste it into the template .BMP file when converting the disk320.ILB file to .BMP.

Alternatively you can use a nifty Windows Batch file to extract ALL VBMP files from each BAT file and then convert all VBMP files to Windows BMP files.

Look at this location: ExtractAll.bat & ConvertAll.bat

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