Unit voiceovers

By default, unit voiceovers are stored in data/sounds/speech/language

Other speeches are also stored in that folder, but this article only covers unit voiceovers.

The files are WAV audio files with one channel (mono), 11025 Hz sample rate and 8 bits per sample. Using any other format may lead to problems such as distorted sound.

It's possible to have multiple voiceover sets and change them alongside the active language file. Each subfolder in data/sounds/speech/ should have the same name as the corresponding language file. If there's no folder corresponding to the active language file, no voiceovers will be heard.

Voiceover naming

The unit voiceover files are named as follows:



The voiceover type identifier is used in the vehicle script as the vo_type parameter.

The stock voiceover types are:

  • A = scout (any scout)
  • B = generic (Rock Sled, Rhino, Static)*
  • 1 = light tank (Fox, Weasel, Speedy, Ground Cube)
  • 2 = medium tank (Jaguar, Eisenhans)
  • 3 = heavy tank (Tiger, Leonid, Tekh-Trak)*
  • 4 = light helicopter (Firefly, Wasp)
  • 5 = medium helicopter (Hornet)
  • 6 = heavy helicopter (Dragonfly)
  • 7 = light aircraft (Ying, Serp)
  • 8 = medium aircraft (Falcon, Tien-Ying 7)*
  • 9 = heavy aircraft (Warhammer, Gigant)*

*: A few voiceovers for these vehicles are identical to the light tank's voiceovers.


  • 11 = squad created
  • 12 = squad requests orders
  • 13 = order acknowledgement
  • 14 = attack acknowledgement
  • 15 = virtual presence shift
  • 16 = squad has entered hostile sector
  • 21 = squad repaired
  • 22 = squad has engaged the enemy
  • 23 = squad sighted enemy host station
  • 24 = squad requests support
  • 25 = squad retreating
  • 26 = squad destroyed
  • 31 = enemy retreating
  • 32 = enemy destroyed
  • 33 = host station destroyed
  • 34 = power station conquered
  • 41 = unused (but nice voice-overs, similar to type 22, could be used to fix other types)


It's possible to add multiple voiceovers for each event of each vehicle type. The number field is used for this purpose. The game will choose one of the available voiceovers.

The first voiceover should always be numbered with 1 even if there is only one voiceover. The second should be numbered with 2 and so on.

For example, there are two possible voiceovers for squad creation (event 11) for the light tank class (1) in the original game:


Adding new voiceover types

It's possible to add new voiceover types by creating the corresponding sound files and naming them appropriately with a new type identifier. Then you can assign them to a unit by setting the vo_type parameter.

Possible voiceover identifiers are 1…9, A…F. Identifiers past F don't seem to work. source

FIXME It's not known if identifier 0 works. It's also not known if the voiceovers must follow an order or not, i.e. if it's necessary to use “c” as the first custom voiceover set. However, it's recommended to do so.


Audacity is a good free program for sound editing.


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