world.ini - game interface setup

The world.ini file is used to set up the game interface. This article gives a basic explanation for the sections of this file.

The file is a plain text file and can be edited with a text editor.

File location

In original UA, world.ini is located in the data folder.

When the expansion executable (Ua_xp.exe) or UA_source is used and the -env parameter is specified, world.ini is loaded from the active env folder.

File sections


This section defines the following:

  • Default game resolutions
  • Starting beam energy
  • Default values for multiplayer unit limit - see level files article for more information
  • FIXME max_impulse


This section defines interface colors:

  • Faction colors
  • Colors of HUD items and some map items
  • Some text colors


This section is used to define the files that contain the interface backgrounds. See ILBM files and level selection screen for more information about how to edit these files.


This section defines the videos that are played when starting the game and when a new enemy faction is encountered for the first time.


This section defines the 3D model of the Stoudson Bomb shockwave. The “center” model definition is unused.


This section defines interface-related sound effects such as button beeps as well as some in-game sounds.


This section defines which music tracks are played in the menus.

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