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An off-world species, the Mykonians are a race of machine-like beams coordinated from a central brain center, they see Earth as a prime planet and see humans as reckless creatures who wasted their chance on Earth and deserve to inhabit it no longer.

They are tapping into the very core of Earth with their devastating Parasite Machine, extracting energy to power their attacks. Their weapons technology is more advanced than other factions, but the armor of their units are the most fragile, because they are just made from organic tubes.

It is interesting to note that all Mykonian vehicles are symmetrical polygons in shape. This is the result of their biovein contruction, which forms in crystalline symmetry in zero-gravity space. The Mykonians are a much more powerful race than your other foes and possess technology unknown to humans. Diplomacy has failed with the other factions. Their goal is to drain the planet's core of its energy and heat, which would kill the Earth, and eradicate the human race forever.

They are the most powerful faction on planet, but after the destruction of the first Parasite by the Resistance's SDU7, they were vastly weakened. They later tried to build a second Parasite in the former Philippine Sea, in the central Ghorkov territory. Unfortunately for them, the people of Kyternesia, restored to her former strength, would not take this lying down and destroyed it.

Mykonian Vehicles and Buildings

Mykonians Tactics

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■ The Mykonians were likely based off on the Borgs from the Star Trek series, as both races assimilate everything on their path. But however, the Borgs assimilate lifeforms and vehicles, while the Mykonians only assimilate the buildings and not the vehicles (like Borgs do), and instead they kill the people that are within the exposed Mykonized region thanks to their cables, that lets them to inform where the humans are.

  • Also interestingly, the Mykonians have the weakest shielding level despite they have some similarities in look and actions with the Borg. While the Mykonian vehicles are made of organic tubes, something that the Borg vehicles don't have, the Borg vehicles are entirely cybernetical and their crewmen are complete cyborgs, therefore making them more resistant and dangerous.

■ The TipAtlas and some movies say the Mykonians have the most powerful weaponry of all, but that's incorrect. The Sulgogars possesses even stronger weapons than the Mykonian weaponry, and the Resistance possesses weapons that deal even higher damage than Mykonian weapons. Technically, the Mykonian weaponry is instead the second most effective (behind the Sulgogars, but very close) as they can cause troubles at big scale to most units.

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