This peculiar air unit that is shaped like a octahedron (8-sided) dice is quite troublesome with the enemy air units thanks to its brief rapid fire and they can be created in numbers unlike the Air Stick. Their attack is low, but this is compensated by the fact their shots can push away air units if hit. It appears early on the Taerkasten and Ghorkov campaigns.

Several Crushers firing their 7-salvo projectile


■ The Myko Crusher has the lowest attack power from all the Mykonian vehicles, but their shots are the fastest, and because of their speed, it's able to push away most units if all 7 shots hit.

■ Along with the 5P0 Air Prism, and the Hourglass, they are 3 of the only 7 units which use a salvo system. The Crusher is tied with the Ghargoil 3 by having 7 salvo shots before reloading for other 7 shots.

■ They are the predecessor of the Air Stick, as the Crusher is a weaker version of the Air Stick.

■ During most late levels where the Mykonians can create the Air Stick and the Crusher, they create the Air Stick more often than the Crusher as they are more effective than the latter vehicle.

■ The Myko Crusher uses the same shot-down frame than the Quadda when it's shot down. Because the Metropolis Dawn expansion was not 100% complete, it's likely that part was missing and it instead uses the defeated frame from the Quadda.

■ Oddly, the Crusher uses the voice set from a medium plane despite it's much weaker and slower than the Air Stick. It's also odd that the Air Stick uses the voice set from a light plane, as it's actually a medium plane by having a greater effectiveness than the Crusher.

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