Mykonian's Power Station

It has been discovered that Mykonian power stations can be conquered to fuel any Host Station, among them The Resistance Host Station. However, these usually exist in areas where the Mykonian bioveins are most dense, so they may appear to be camoflaged. Build or conquer a power station and beam your host station to it for optimal energy. Mykonian power stations are generally highly efficient.

Myko Power Station

The Mykonian Power Station has 2 needle-shaped towers

“MykoPower” Building Power Rating
Power Station 10 3 [68]


■ Despite the Help files say they are highly efficient, they are still outclassed by the terran Power Stations 1+.

■ On single-player mode, they are more powerful than a terran Power station 1, but on Multiplayer, they are on par with the terran Power Station 1 (with 2 boxes respectively) and also can build Power Stations 1+ like terran factions do on Multiplayer.

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