This tough air unit, sometimes called the Brick, is very powerful against host stations. When experienced commanders see XO1s, especially in groups, they devote all of their efforts to taking them out. While having only moderate shielding (the highest from all the Mykonian vehicles), the XO1 has a large energy reservoir for its shields to let it get through tough defenses, all the while blasting its target. The XO1 is first encountered early in the campaign and most closely resembles a slow plane in its flight characteristics.

A Quadda image from the Help files manual


■ The weapon that the XO1 Quadda uses is called TINY. Oddly, the word “tiny” means something extremely small and not damaging. It must be likely an asthetic mistake as the Quadda weapon is more shocking than even the SHOCKER weapon the Air Stick uses.

■ Out from all the anti-host station vehicles, the Quadda is the most fearsome and devastating against host stations as their firing rate and decent firepower can take down a whole Host station in less seconds than Gigants or Slime Lords.

■ The Quadda is one of the few UA vehicles where the shot time from the user is slower than the AI shot time. The Gigant and the Dragonfly (as more examples) are another of the few vehicles with that characteristic.

■ Despite the Help info says they have large energy reservoirs, they aren't as expensive as Myko Bombers or Hourglasses, and therefore they are created on good numbers like most units from 175 to 225 hit points.

■ The Quadda is the most common attack force the Mykonians send, and they can even sometimes kill Flaks if their destination are any of the flaks or if they are aggressiveness level 3.

■ The XO1 Quadda, along with the Gigant, are the only vehicles with decent firepower that can individually capture an enemy power station the Host Station is directly standing in.

■ Ironically, like the Gigant's weapon, the Quadda's weapon has very small radius against the units (with the Host Station being the highest at 30).

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