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Taerkastens Tactics

The Taerkastens are a force to be reckoned with, when playing against, and a brilliant faction to be.

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Mykonians Tactics

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Sulgogars Tactics

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<font 20px/inherit;;inherit;;inherit>Steamhammer</font>
Appears in Urban Assault
 Urban Assault: Metropolis Dawn  | | |
Factions available
Starting energy 3100 (everyone)
Starting host station height 400 (), 500 ()
Sectors available 324 (18×18)
Map size 20 x 20
Set textures 3 (Nacht)
Tech upgrades Yes (7)
Unit limit 80
Unit limit type 1 Phone icon No
Sky texture sterne.base

Steamhammer is a map in Urban Assault, and Urban Assault: Metropolis Dawn. It is the fifth multplayer map in terms of 'level ID' (being the 84th level, L8484).

Layout & Features

The 4 factions start quite close to each other (only 1 sector divides Resistance and Mykonian host stations, and also 1 sector divides Ghorkov and Taerkasten host stations) in a valley located in the middle of the map. There are many power stations 1 (2 boxes) scattered on different corners of the map, although because of lack of scouts, the factions must rely on their host station radar range and chain-beaming to find them.

More to Come…

Vehicle and Building creation list

<font inherit/inherit;;#ff0000;;inherit>The Resistance</font> <font inherit/inherit;;#aaaaaa;;inherit>Ghorkovs</font> <font inherit/inherit;;#ffab1c;;inherit>Mykonians</font> <font inherit“>Taerkastens

* Note that the Ostwind, Thor's Hammer, and Myko Crusher only appear in the MD version of this level

Tech Upgrades

  1. (X= 3, Y= 19)
  2. (X= 10, Y= 23)
  3. (X= 21, Y= 27)
  4. (X= 7, Y= 10)
  5. (X= 27, Y= 6)
  6. (X= 16, Y= 6)
  7. (X= 10, Y= 5)

Stoudson Bomb countdowns

(X= 15, Y= 15) (5 seconds)

Steamhammer Full Map Steamhammer height values Steamhammer debriefing map
Full map (click to see full GIF map) Its hexadecimal height values Debriefing background map A Resistance Power Station cluster in one of the corners
Several Ghorkov Power Stations in one of the corners Some Mykonian Power Stations in one of the corners A couple of Taerkasten Power Stations in one of the corners

MP Levels

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