The Resistance

The Resistance represents the last trace of freedom and democracy to survive the environmental, financial, and political collapses that followed The Big Mistake. The Resistance was just months away from certain destruction by its approaching enemies when a band of hackers and engineers wired together all of the free world's computers to create the Host Station as the ultimate war machine. Now that the Host Station has chosen SDU7 to become its uploaded master, the survival of The Resistance and all of its ideals rests with you.


The training grounds of the Resistance and their main headquarters are located in Britain, while the rest of their remaining forces and contested territories dispersed throughout the majority of Western Europe.

The Resistance drones mainly use conventional military technology from the late 20th century. Their hardware and equipments are mainly comprised of tanks, jeeps, jets, and helicopters. Destruction is accomplished via rockets, missiles, grenades, and bombs.

Resistance Units and Buildings

Resistance Tactics

Note: The tactics described in this section are entirely subjective.


More to Come…

Currently I'm thinking on removing these tactics and techniques pages entirely, or leave them as empty placeholders as they are for now. It is mostly due to the lack of contents and quality associated with the existing articles. For example, spamming or flooding one type of units to attack enemies is not necessarily a tactic or strategy per se. For the time being, I've deleted entries for dummy articles without any contents in them. I've also moved a couple techniques that are not bound to any specific faction to a new place.
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SDU Deaths

From the mission briefings:

  • SDU 1: Defected to Black Sect at Maze Wayz, date unknown (Was a female!)
  • SDU 2: Killed at Great Confusion, (restored) 3/17/2014
  • SDU 3: Killed at Hurz, date unknown
  • SDU 4: Killed at Hurz, (restored) 3/19/2015 - also managed to activate Stoudson Bomb at Hamburger Hill
  • SDU 5: Killed (“lost contact”) at Taerkastik, (restored) 7/15/2016
  • SDU 6: Killed by Ghorkovs at Moonlight City, 3/17/2071 (Wow, how did he die so much later than SDU 5? [2017? Syntax error?])
  • SDU 7: The player! Your mission begins very soon after SDU 6 is killed.
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