Resistance Power Station

Power Station 1

Designed by the Stoudson Corporation before The Big Mistake, The Resistance power station converts plasma-rich pockets deep beneath the earth into usable electromagnetic energy to fuel your war machines. Building one over a conquered sector will begin your Host Station's energy absorption. The closer your Host Station is to it, the more efficient the energy transference. Beam your Host Station over it for optimal energy transference. Your vehicles, which are outfitted with plasma absorption ports throughout their exteriors, can also refuel by being near a power station. Lastly, the more Resistance-owned sectors adjacent to it, the greater its power output.

Building Power Rating
Power Station 1 63 2 [50]
Power Station 1+ 1 4 [128]
Power Station 2

The Class 2 power station can extend its plasma extractors deeper into the earth's core for even greater energy output. Additionally, the Class 2 comes equipped with self-defense flak guns that can do nearly twice the damage as that of your your Host Station.

Building Power Rating Flak Gun
Power Station 2 11 4 [128] Units 104, 105
Power Station 2+ 64 6 [192] Units 104, 105

Flak Gun Energy Shield Radar Attack Shot Time Attack Multiplier Weapon ID
Units 104, 105 160 80% 1 70 1500/800 Tanks x1.5 100
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