This heavy mobile artillery fires a 'sub-nuke' rocket capable of leveling entire buildings in a single shot, making the Rhino very good for destroying flak, radar, and host stations. The Rhino is also powerful against slow-moving ground units. Its high-power weapon takes several seconds to reload, but it more than makes up for it with tremendous firepower and long range. The Rhino is so valued that wise commanders always have a support squad nearby to protect it from attack by air units. The Rhino becomes available late in the campaign as a technology upgrade.

Please clarify, the values that were on the previous revision of the page stated that the attack multiplication was x1.0, but specifies no vehicle type. I haven't actually played UA in a while so am not sure if it has no specific penalties or bonuses which would warrent a standardised x1.0 value. For now, this value is shown alone in the Attack Multiplier section of the unit box.
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