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 ====== Sulgogars ====== ====== Sulgogars ======
-plant-like, bionic ​non-human alien species ​that have come to claim the planet. These off-world beings ​hope to claim the Earth as a spawning ground ​of their ownThey do not use any knid of technology ​because of their awesome abilities in biotechnologysuch as cloning and genetic manipulation ​for their units. Diplomacy has failed. They view humans as fertilizer ​and food+plantlike, bionic ​off-world speciesthe Sulgogars ​hope to claim Earth as a spawning ground. ​Their vehicle-creation ​technology ​is more advanced than oursalthough it appears to be based on genetic manipulation ​and cloning. Diplomacy has failed. They view humans as fertilizer.
-No information ​exists about their buildings, although we imagine that they, too, exist. ​+What little we know about the Sulgogar vehicles ​exists ​here. We have no information ​about their buildings, although we imagine that they, too, exist.
-One cannot play as Sulgogars in Multiplayer.+You cannot play as a Sulgogar during a multiplayer game.
-**[[sulgogars:​units:​units|Sulgogars ​Vehicles]]**+**[[sulgogars:​units:​units|Sulgogars ​Units]]**
 ===== Sulgogars Tactics ===== ===== Sulgogars Tactics =====
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