Some Falcons performing the technique

The Falcon Assault Tactic (also abbreviated as FAT) is a strategy performed by some players who want a quick victory. To perform it, one must create some Falcons with the “Create Button”, and launch them once they have a desired amount (although they can also be launched immediately, and later try to make the Falcon Flooding technique, but one must take control of the leading Falcon, which is a more advanced and easier way since the players can kill the flaks sooner).

This strategy is always used to capture one of the enemy power stations if vulnerable, making the HUD, beam back to home, and then order the Falcons immediately to attack the enemy station and/or powerstations.


The Falcon Assault Tactic is very good at capturing and/or destroying an enemy powerstation, and then the Host Station can be beamed to create heavy units against the enemy station.

Another advantage is that they can be used to distract the enemy host station while the heavy units fire at it. This allows for easier kills since the enemy host station will be busy with the Falcons.


Despite of its good effectiveness, it has also the weakness that the player must take first person of the Falcons, since enemy units and flaks can finish the Falcons sooner, and because the AI Falcons have trouble dealing with tanks and some flaks.

Also, they need the aid of the player to take down an enemy Host Station (with the Sulgogar Queen is the easiest), especially with enemy vehicles surrounding it, since they can be a problem and if the player is not careful, his/her Falcon squad will be punished easily.

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