Falcon Flooding

The Falcon Flooding (abbreviated as FF) is an advanced technique in Urban Assault. It's similar to the Falcon Assault technique, only that it's more effective when done correctly (especially against enemy bases with better defenses that can be rebuilt sooner), but the player must be quick-witted to perform it right. It's performed from the same way than the Falcon Assault technique, creating some Falcons with the “Create Button” and once they have the desired amount (they can also be launched immediately after being created), they can be sent into enemy base while the player controls the leading Falcon, although the player must be aware from the creation energy, so once it's full, the player must come back (after being shot down, there are no dangers by far, or during a fight where the loss is slow but constant) to the Host Station, having the Falcon squad selected, pressing the “A” button from the keyboard, and then immediately create more Falcons, and after that, come back to control the leading Falcon.

This technique can be applied to any figher, but only some of them are the most effective because they have decent cost (not low as the Ying nor high as the Warhammer), good firepower to be built and very high effectiveness against power stations and flaks no matter how strong the enemy defenses are.

Alternatively, it can be also fused with the Falcon Bombing to more effective results (although the player needs to lift up the Falcons that are on medium heights manually pilotting every one of them).

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