This dangerous retrocult disdains electronic and related technology yet has advanced weapons development. They wish to exterminate all other factions from the planet. The Taerkastens blame the other human factions for killing the oceans and destroying the atmosphere.


The Taerkasten Order is a strange group of humans hailing from a distant mountain fortress in which they have stayed hidden for many years. With their retro-technology that hails back to the early 20th century, they are now spreading out to conquer Earth from the human heathens and unholy beings from space. They had the misfortune to be the first humans to ever encounter the Mykonians, and its their main driving force to destroy all other factions.

Despite the fact that they disdain modern technology, they have advanced weapons and shielding developments. Even embracing the various high-end technology such as plasma formations as a necessary evil. They have mastered the art of electromagnetism-based technology and its field manipulation.

The faction has originated in Europe, supposedly Central or Northern Europe. But currently their main territories are in the continent of Africa, where they escaped to after their dreadful encounter with the formidable Mykonians.

Taerkasten Units and Buildings

Taerkastens Tactics

Note: The tactics described in this section are entirely subjective.

The Taerkastens are a force to be reckoned with, when playing against, and a brilliant faction to be.

More to come…

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