This flying ion cannon vehicle can inflict considerable damage. Ion cannons aren't often used by the Taerkastens, who seem to enjoy getting the maximum yield from ballistics. The Bronsteijn appears in the middle of the campaign, it's not created until the late and towards the end campaign, and is most akin to an attack helicopter in its flight characteristics.

How to get it (Metropolis Dawn only)

■ After completing the stage Rocked Hill, go immediately to the Badlands mission. On Badlands, the Bronsteijn's upgrade is under Resistance control, is flak-styled (means harder to capture individually), and is located on the center far left side of the map, close to one Resistance Host Station.

The best way to capture it is to kill both Resistance Host stations, since the upgrade is heavily protected by flaks and anti-air units.


The Bronsteijn is often regarded as the most desirable Taerkasten unit, and is one of the favorite units from several players as it can rotate more freely than other units (the highest from all Taerkasten units along with the Serp), it has very high speed (roughly as the Phantom) and extremely high attack power. Those 2 first qualities allow the Bronsteijn to dodge most projectiles with more ease while user-controlled and to hit back with very high possiblities of killing the enemies around with 1 single blow. Also, its rotation allows to players to turn back and counter attack very quickly the fighters such as Warhammers, although this doesn't always happen because Bronsteijn's weapon has very poor radius against planes, but it's compensated by the fact the Bronsteijn has very good accuracy, and to fully master it, players must mainly practice their accuracy abilities against enemy units, flaks, powerstations, and of course, Host stations. The Bronsteijn can perform the ARC, which allows for more effective and faster killing. The Bronsteijn once acquired can go personally with 1 or more Bronsteijn to enemy base, where if the user-controlled Bronsteijn dies, the player can always jump to the next one, and so on, and thanks to their long range, they are also able to sniping at 2 sectors far, making it even more effective against enemies from a good distance. But the Bronsteijn's downs is that it has the lowest armor from all Taerkasten vehicles (thus allowing to be destroyed faster), the AI Bronsteijn can't go to very high heights unless during some battles, and this makes it vulnerable from front. The Bronsteijn's weapon takes out 4 hit points per shot, and this can be sometimes a problem during situations where the Bronsteijn's energy is low. And also because it's expensive, if they are lost, it might take time to build another Bronsteijn. But this doesn't necessarily means the Bronsteijn must be protected, in fact, it can defend quite well against units, but they are still behind Ostwinds, Eisenhans, and Leonids in terms of defending the Host station. And also, with proper skills, the Bronsteijn under human control can be formidable and it can even dodge the best of the available flaks, and it can also capture powerstations as well as destroying enemy Host Stations during certain ocassions where the Bronsteijn is needed.

Bronsteijn on ground

Bronsteijn on ground


Bronsteijn flying aroundIon cannon projectile
Bronsteijn flyingIon cannon projectile frame
Weapon impact effect 1Weapon impact effect 2Weapon impact effect 3
Weapon impact effect 4


■ If “Software” mode is enabled, the Bronsteijn is interestingly one of the 2 only Taerkasten vehicles with a blue sceen after they are destroyed. The other one is the Ormu-scout.

■ If used correctly under user command, the Bronsteijn can destroy a power station in short time.

■ Despite it's a helicopter, it uses the voices from a heavy plane (like bombers and some other units do).

■ The Bronsteijn is one of the few UA vehicles with a firepower that surprasses 1000. Interestingly, the Thor's Hammer and Zeppelin also have firepower that exceeds 1000. That makes the Bronsteijn with the 3rd's highest firepower from all Taerkasten units. And also the Bronsteijn is the 3rd most expensive Taerkasten unit, after again the Thor's Hammer and Zeppelin, respectively.

■ As mentioned before, the Bronsteijn has the lowest armor from all Taerkasten vehicles, but is one of the fastest moving in Taerkasten's arsenal, along with Serps and Phantoms.

■ Under AI command, most times the Bronsteijn will fire close to the enemy instead of using its range for sniping advantages like player-controlled Bronsteijns do.

■ Since the AI Taerkastens sometimes create Bronsteijns, the Bronsteijn may be considered the 2nd most advanced vehicle only behind the Phantom.

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