This light fighter plane is deceptively dangerous. Typically Taerkasten in design, it looks antiquated and slow but carries heavy guns that can inflict postmodern damage. It is also very well shielded. Both Resistance and Ghorkovian fighters are superior in speed and firepower, but the Taerkastens typically deploy the Hetzel in numerically superior numbers, so beware of crowded operation envelopes. It appears early on the campaign.

How to get it (Metropolis Dawn only)

■ Capture a tech upgrade in Mountains of Thunder. It's located on the northeast, close to a level 4 Ghorkov power station.

The best way to acquire it is to defeat the Ghorkovian Tarantul capturing the couple of Ghorkov power stations on the northwest, and then create heavy units to defeat it quickly.


While it's not as strong as other air interceptors and fighters, it has the great advantage that can cause great damage to tanks since its weapon has large radius against tanks and they are super effective against them (they can cause x1.5 damage to tanks). The Hetzel is a fairly well balanced vehicle in the fact they aren't too expensive, they have a rapid-fire weapon, and they have high armor. But they have low firepower, that doesn't always help against certain units (such as the Quadda), and since its damage modifier is 0.5 against planes, it's harder to deal with fighters and bombers, and the player might need to pilot them to beat them and don't fall (especially with Warhammers) against them.

The Hetzel can be a rather good vehicle for defense (although not as much as the Ostwind or the Leonid do), but when it comes to offense, they excel against tanks, even they can deal against anti-air units thanks to their good damage modifier. But since they have a medium rotation and slow speed, they can be attacked very easily, and especially by behind by fast air units (Mean Green, Air Stick, Tien Ying 7, etc.), and they have little chances against flaks unless they appear on really large numbers and there are user aid (taking control of 1 Hetzel and then user controlling to destroy flaks more easily).

The Hetzel can be a vehicle that, simply, uses his rapid-fire weapon to rack up significant damage to enemy ground squads, and this allows to safely destroy its enemies without being destroyed. Also, it can be used to capture common sectors for more energy output, although is still outclassed by the Ostwind. But because is a slow vehicle and has moderate rotation, it can be troublesome for some players when they are fighting back against faster air units. But with skills and proper accuracy, an user-controlled expert Hetzel can take down even the best and/or most dangerous air fighters while keeping the Hetzel alive.


- +10 firepower, +2.5 energy (Dark Shadows Over Green Valley)

- +3% shield, +2.5 energy (Dark Shadows Over Green Valley)


Hetzel idleHetzel movingHetzel projectile
Hetzel group


■ The Hetzel is tied with the Mnosjetz by having the same armor level (at 77%). That means they have the 7th highest armor overall.

■ If the Ostwind were omitted, the Hetzel will have the lowest attack power from all Taerkasten vehicles, but also the fastest firing rate. But with the Ostwind included, the Hetzel has the 2nd lowest attack power, and 2nd fastest firing rate from all Taerkasten vehicles.

■ Despite the Hetzel has a rapid-fire weapon, it's by no means a machinegun since it doesn't instantly hit anything and it can destroy buildings.

■ Like with some Taerkasten vehicles, the Hetzel's name is actually a real name (there's an example: Pierre-Jules Hetzel), although in this case it's a variant from Hermann.

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