This bullet-shaped weapon is one of the fastest moving and, thus, hardest objects our forces have ever tried to hit. The raw speed of the Serp makes up for its lightweight construction and modest firepower. The Serp appears on the early campaign, is created on the middle campaign and is usually deployed in swarmlike squads that can wreck havoc on its enemy's ability to focus on single targets.

  • Suicide Unit

How to get it (Metropolis Dawn only)

■ Capture a tech upgrade on Rocked Hill. It's located southwest, outside but close from Resistance territory and on a neutral sector.

It's hard to capture it quickly, even with air units, as Warhammers are chasing them down, but the best choice is to capture it from the neutral Resistance power station on the southeast. It can be also directly done with Hetzels and Mnosjetz, but one must get skills to avoid and/or destroy the incoming Falcons and Warhammers trying to destroy it, and also one must place the chosen plane at very great heights.


The Serp's greatest feature from all Taerkasten vehicles, is its speed. The Serp is the fastest Taerkasten combat vehicle, and also has very good attack power, very low cost, excellent rotation, and amazing weapon rotation (which allows to almost always hit the enemies unless they are protected by behind). The Serp is a fairly small target to hit, but this comes at the cost of having the 2nd lowest armor of all Taerkasten vehicles (making it easy to destroy, especially for flaks), ironically behind the Bronsteijn, and the lowest hit points (meaning it can be destroyed by one single hit from most weapons).

The strongest side of the Serp is when used against air units, powerstations, and especially Host Stations, where its abilities can be used at its fullest. The Serp's weapon is one of the fastest and has one of the best rotations, with good attack power and excellent against all air units while created on groups can be devastating against large squads of air units. However, because the Serp dies after firing one shot, one must be careful of using them against Host Stations, as 1 single plane or scout close to the big Serp squad can mean a lot of lost Serps.

But against Host Stations and powerstations, the Serp excels against them, and because their weapon has a neutral damage modifier, it hasn't trouble by directly killing it as they are usually created on large groups. But they need the help of at least one Ormu-scout to make the Serp Rush effective. Although it also depends on how much energy the enemy Host Station has, and with an user-controlled Ormu-scout the player can move the cursor towards the chosen enemy Host Station to see if its weak or strong. If it has only 2 green bars it can be killed easily by Serps, but if it's at almost full power, it might need more than 60 serps to kill it. The Serp is very useful for capturing the power station the enemy is not standing and then beam in and make the Leonid/Bronsteijn drop technique, although it's also extremely useful on weakening/destroying the power stations the enemy host is standing on so they create more or they lose more power and energy.

But against the tanks and some flaks is their weakest game. Because the Serps are airbone, they can't hit tanks easily without the help of elevation, although also their damage modifier is poor. Also, they don't stand a chance against some flaks unless they have their target on the structure itself, although they can hit the Ghorkov, Mykonian, and Resistance (mainly the Flak Station 1) flaks.

The last tips is to be careful with the Serps and stay alert before any enemy that is close to the large Serp squad (that will be used against the enemy Host Station), and when the Serp squad has the desired amount, they can be launched immediately towards the enemy station with the help of one Ormu-scout, but one must maintain a good tactical order and proper calculation to ignore the flaks that are dangerous for the Serps, and with proper Scout Distraction, this makes the Serps a very veluable unit, especially with the initial aid of Bronsteijns once acquired.


SerpSerp (Horizontal angle)Serp (Front angle)
Serp (Down angle)Serp (Back angle)Serp (Diagonal angle)
Serp's suicide homing missileSeveral Serps (they are actually 24 of them)


■ The Serp is one of the two only vehicles that are suicide units (they die after firing 1 shot). The only other one is the Blue Spore.

■ Despite in game their job against Host Stations is depicted as somewhat, they are actually quite effective against Host stations if done on groups. But the AI rarely does that (and only does that in certain mods) as they are created on groups to attack air units and they are created individually to attack power stations.

■ The Serp is one of the 2 only Taerkasten vehicles that are opposite on armor (they only carry 45% armor) than most units. The other one is the Bronsteijn (with only 25% armor) that makes it somewhat easy to destroy. Ironically, those 2 vehicles are the fastest and most valuable in the Taerkasten campaign despite they have lower armor than the typical Taerkasten vehicles.

■ The Serp is the cheapest Taerkasten combat vehicle, with only 180 energy. This has allowed to players to be created on very large groups mainly against Host Stations.

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