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The flak station acts as a sentry tower, very good for defending the taerkasten power stations and host station. Flak guns are self-targeting or can be jumped into for direct control. They always exist in clusters of 4 flaks. The bad news is that the firing rate is very slow, but it compensates its decent firepower. It's acquired starting the middle Taerkasten campaign, it appears on some levels, and they aren't created by the AI until the middle campaign.

“TaerFlak” Building Energy Shield Radar Attack Shot Time Attack Multiplier Weapon ID
Unit 108 31 170 77% 1 210 4500/3000 Tanks x1.5 108
Unit 156* 74 170 77% 1 150 4500/3000 Tanks x1.5 109
  • Weaker Version
Taerkasten Flak Station in game

How to get it (Metropolis Dawn only)

■ Capture a tech upgrade in Stoudson's Bastion. It's located in the northeast of the starting point.

The best and fastest way to do that is with Hetzels or Mnosjetz. At the start of the level, send one of those planes to capture the upgrade immediately.


■ In the Taerkasten campaign, they acquire the weaker version of their Flak Station (building 74), yet interestingly, in only 1 level (Mountains of Thunder), their only Flak is building 31 (the original version).

■ Also curiously, in the last 2 levels where Taerkastens appear in the Ghorkov campaign, there are some Flaks that are the same weaker version from the Taerkasten campaign (the Taerkastens still build the same original flak). That's odd considering they should have also started with the predeployed original flaks. But it's likely they were testing those 2 levels (along with L7777) and they were unable to complete the tests before finishing the MD expansion.

■ The Taerkasten Flaks have the slowest firing rate from all UA Flaks. That makes the Flak station the most vulnerable and the easiest to destroy.

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