Taerkasten Power Station

Taerkasten power stations harvest energy from the earth through a means unknown to Resistance science. These pyramidal power stations are roughly equivalent to Resistance power stations in terms of output.

“TaerPower” Building Power Rating
Power Station 1 53 2 [50]
Power Station 2 17 4 [128]
Taerkasten Power station in-gameTaerkasten Power station (Set 4 version)

How to get it (Metropolis Dawn only)

■ Version 1 (level 2): Capture a tech upgrade in Slippery Night. It's located in the center nortwest, and is neutral. The best way to do that is with Mnosjetz, Hetzels, or the Ostwind with its Sector Capture Net Rain.

■ Version 2 (level 4): Capture a tech upgrade in Dejavu. It's located in the west, close to the Ghorkovian Skorpio (thankfully it's not a flak upgrade). The best way is with Serps (just 1 single Serp), and it must be done immediately so you can start better and with a faster offensive.


■ While the Taerkasten's Power Stations is the second most expensive overall (with 60 points more than the Resistance Power Stations), it's slightly weaker structurally than the Resistance Power Station.

■ Oddly in Set 5, the Taerkasten's Power Station is structurally weaker, and therefore is easier to capture and/or destroy. The Ghorkov Power Station also shares this trait. The Resistance Power Station in Set 5 keeps the same structural integrity.

■ Interestingly enough, the Taerkasten's Power Station hasn't appeared in any single-player level with Set 4 (Ice, arctic), and it only appears on certain multiplayer levels with that set. It can also be said with all Taerkasten vehicles and the other buildings.

■ Out from all terran power stations, the Taerkasten Power Station is the only terran power station in the game to be partially mykonized when played in stages with Set 6 (mykonized).

■ The shape of Taerkasten's Power Station is based on pyramids, that make all the sense, because their origins are of an african faction. But their pyramids aren't from Egypt, but in fact are based on Mayan ones.

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