Taerkasten's Radar Station

Radar stations peel back the fog of war by a 10- to 15-sector radius, depending on your technology upgrades.

“Taer Radar Station” Building Unit Energy Shield Radar
Radar Station 73 141 400 90% 10

How to get it (Metropolis Dawn only)

■ Capture a tech upgrade in the stage Dark Shadows Over Green Valley. It's located in the southwest, into Sulgogar territory, but in highland.

The best way to capture it is with 1 single Serp, since its speed will allow to dodge the Slime Lords, but one must manually (user control) elevate it up, and then come back to the Fortress once the upgrade is located so the AI Serp can capture it.


■ Like the Ghorkov Radar Station, the structure that holds the Taerkasten radar has the same high structural integrity (the highest from all Radar structures that hold the radar unit).

■ The Taerkasten Radar Station 1 is the most expensive radar of its kind in UA (excluding the Resistance Radar Station 2). It's also the only one that does not cost below 1000, but instead it costs exactly 1000 (tied with the Resistance Power Station 1).

■ When the Taerkasten Radar Station unit is destroyed, it uses the same sound effect than the Resistance Radar Station Unit when it's also destroyed (Smex02.wav). However, in some mods, the sound was changed to SMEX04 for all Resistance radars if they are destroyed.

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