This huge bomber has powerful weapons and extremely heavy armor, making it very hard to destroy, slow speed regardless. Despite its analog targeting systems, Zeppelin bombs are exceedingly devastating against even the most hardened ground targets. These features have led to nickname it the Behemoth. The Zeppelin is first encountered during the middle campaign. Normally the Taerkasten Fortresses send them out alone, but they also form groups. They are excellent for taking down powerstations. The bombs are a problem for enemy helicopters below that zoom underneath for a better shot.

How to get it (Metropolis Dawn only)

■ Capturing a flak tech upgrade on Bomb Thread. It's located near the center of that stage.

It doesn't need to be necessary to capture it directly unless the Ghorkovs own the tech upgrade sector. You only need to kill the Resistance station and the Zeppelin is yours.


The Zeppelin may be a vehicle with poor speed (the second lowest vehicle from UA overall), but its strongest points lies on its armor, its bomb, and the large vision it has around. The Zeppelin has the highest armor from all UA vehicles and is the most expensive Taerkasten vehicle they can build, which that makes it extremely hard to destroy, even with the best and most devastating vehicles against it. Its bomb is the strongest from all UA bombs, as it can devastate entire squads of ground units from a single blow, even it's able to destroy the most armored ground unit, namely a fully upgraded Leonid with AI command. If the bombs hit other enemy AI host stations, it can cause quite extensive damage from 900 until 1800 damage depending on the Host Station armor setting (but this almost never happen because of the Zeppelin's slow speed).

The Zeppelin's strenghts have many weaknesses, from which some of them are fatal. For example, the Zeppelin's slow speed makes it vulnerable to constant fighter attacks, and the worst part is that its height is not high enough to save it from bombers such as Marauders, Myko Bombers, Ghargoil 3s, etc. It's also big, which that means it can be hit very easily by other enemy vehicles. It has also the slowest rotation from all UA vehicles and this can be a problem at the time of see which enemies are behind the Zeppelin attacking it. Unless user-controlled that can drive the Zeppelin to more heights and so to survive against fighters and bombers, it's basically useless against large groups of enemy anti-air squads. They are easy to destroy unless the units are below the Zeppelin, which most times it doesn't happen and the air fighers usually win over the Zeppelin. Overall, the Zeppelin is able to withstand many hits no matter where come from before dying and counterattack the enemies with ease. The problems arise when the enemy fighters and bombers attack it from all sides and from front especially, and once this happen, the problems begin and the Zeppelin is done for. Ironically, its bomb is the strongest from all UA bombs and the vehicle also has the worst rotation. But yeah, better said than done!

Zeppelin in-game

The Zeppelin flying around


- +1 radar, +5 energy

Zeppelin's bombZeppelin's bomb exploding

Zeppelin's Bomb Glitch

There's a bomb glitch that makes the vehicle upside down


■ The Zeppelin is simply called Zeppelin, despite on real world there are already normal Zeppelin vehicles, and they didn't want to call it Behemoth (that was a more fitting name).

■ It's unknown how the Zeppelin can float through the air as normally possible since it carries heavy amounts of armor (basically having 95% armor). Also, it's unknown how the Zeppelin has a eye like the scouts, unless they installed some scout-like radar systems within them. According to some people from other forums, it was likely filled with an unknown substance or something.

■ The Zeppelin possess the highest armor from all UA vehicles, the strongest UA bomb, and the largest vision from all UA vehicles (that surprass even all scouts).

■ The Zeppelin is one of the few UA vehicles that have a cost of 1000 energy or more.

■ Oddly, despite its bombs are devastating against all UA tanks, the Zeppelin's job describes them as somewhat effective against tanks. This also happen on the reconaissance part, where their recon job is depicted higher than the Ormu-scout (since it has more radar than the mentioned Taer scout), and when in actuality the Ormu-scout is better at exploring because it's faster than the Zeppelin and it's not as worthless as the Zeppelin in terms of fast scout-explore.

■ While the Taerkasten AI creates them alone, on some levels there are predeployed Zeppelins ready to attack. That means the AI Flying Fortress almost never create Zeppelins on groups.

■ There's a humorous bug with the Zeppelin, but it can only be done while user-controlling one Zeppelin on the ground. The player fires 1 bomb, it explodes, and the vehicle itself spins some degrees, but if done correcty with some bombs it's able to make the Zeppelin remain upside down. When the Zeppelin is moving while upside down after given the command, it will recover its front position eventually as normal.

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