UA_Source is a reverse engineering/reconstruction project started by user Zidane. The goal is to reconstruct the original source code and reimplement certain features using modern, platform-independent technologies that are compatible with modern computers and different operating systems.

Currently, UA_Source is completely playable in single-player mode. Using it instead of the original is already a good way to solve most problems that occur on modern systems.

Important goals


  • Rewrite the game engine, make it portable and moddable
  • Fix helicopter bug
  • Replace D3D/DDraw/DInput/DSound by SDL2/OpenGL/OpenAL
  • Add support for Metropolis Dawn
  • Implement music player (replace CD-based music player)
  • Improve language file support, replace language.dll with text files

Not yet implemented

  • New multiplayer engine
  • Video player
  • Situation analyzer

New configuration options

Some new configuration options were added. They are shown below and can be added into the NUCLEUS.ini file which is located in the main folder of UA. Explanations are given in the comments.

gfx.solidfont            = no    ;use smoother font rendering
gfx.maxfps               = 60    ;set maximum frame rate, too high may cause glitches
gfx.vsync                = 0     ;use v-sync
tune.weapon_radius       = off   ;use radius_#TYPE parameters for weapons which are inactive in UA
gfx.newsky               = on    ;use new, smoother sky rendering
gfx.skydistance          = 3000  ;configure new sky rendering
gfx.skylength            = 500   ;configure new sky rendering



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